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Here are some great tips for conserving water inside the home:

Showers over baths

If all members of a four person family replaced one bath a week with a short shower, you could save between up to £15 per year off your energy bill weekly. So you should go for short, refreshing showers every day and keep baths to a minimum.

Fill dishwashers

Fill your dishwashers and washing machines before switching them on and always use as much water as possible and the most energy-efficient settings. When it's time to get a new appliance, look for the Energy Saving Recommended badge. Products with this will conserve both energy and water – and therefore money!

Washing up

Use a bowl to wash up instead of leaving the hot tap running – this could save almost £30 annually on a home’s gas bills if you do the washing up twice a day. If you have to rinse, wash up or peel vegetables in the sink, make use of cold water where possible and don't leave the tap running!

Don’t boil excessively

Only boil as much water as you need to avoid unnecessarily heating water you won't even use!

Turn it off

A running tap wastes over seven litres of water every a minute so turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, shave or wash your face. Don’t use hot water where you can easily use cold.

Dripping taps

A dripping tap wastes in excess of 5000 litres of water annually so make sure your taps are turned off and change washers quickly after taps start dripping.

Make it go further

Where possible try and recycle unused water, for instance pour your leftover glasses of water on houseplants and don’t waste water from running taps while waiting for hot water.

Here are some tips for conserving water outside the home:

Water butts

Your roof gathers thousands of litres of water each year, which then run straight into the drains. Make use of a water butt and use the water to feed your plants, gardens and wash your car. Rainwater is better for plants than tap water as it is softer and devoid of chemicals.

Quality commitment

Nestlé Waters Powwow is a member of the UK British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) and also the European Point-of-use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA). Membership of both organisations requires us to conform to the highest standards of local and European quality and hygiene standards.

Each of our bottling centres is subject to annual inspections to ensure they meet local and European standards for bottled water. We currently hold 2 Gold Awards as a result of the excellent results from the latest independent inspections.

Our in-house team of microbiologists perform rigorous testing on a daily basis to ensure POWWOW water always reaches you in perfect condition.

For more information on the BWCA and the EPDWA please visit their web sites:



The first Hampshire Water Festival took place in August 2015 in Winchester and was a great success with 10,000 visitors.

The Hampshire Water Partnership was formed in 2001 and is composed of a wide range of organisations who are stakeholders in water in Hampshire. Its main aim is to ensure the long term future of Hampshire’s rivers, aquifers and wetlands for people and wildlife. see www.hampshirewaterfestival.co.uk. The Hampshire Water Partnership was established in 1999 to foster increased understanding and knowledge-sharing about Hampshire’s water environments and the issues facing rivers, wetlands and aquifers. It comprises private, public and voluntary bodies who have a role or interest in the sustainable management of this unique water environment. The Partnership has no executive powers, but provides a forum for closer working relationships, information dissemination, and discussion on topical issues.

New Water Saving Guide

If you are fed up with paying so much for your water, or just want to cut down your water bills then read our guide to saving water inside and outside of the home.